DanHall Just Be Well Yoga


New to yoga? THIS is where to start! It can be daunting walking into a practice you have no familiarity with so we are bringing you the basics. Learn pose names, correct alignment, how to use props for YOUR body and practice, and how to get from one pose to the next. This is YOUR foundation. Find your practice, your love for your body again, and most importantly build strength and confidence in your BRAND NEW practice!


Inversions? Arm balances? Support for a healthy body and lifestyle? The center of all of these is strength. This class will incorporate yoga sequencing designed specifically for core strength. Support a healthy back and work with your body to build stability to perform everyday tasks and begin advanced asana with more ease.



Link breath with movement in this alignment based Vinyasa practice. Learn how to combine foundation poses in a fun flow using props, modifications, and variations to suit your body's needs. Build your practice from the ground up by building strength and stability in your body.


Take time for yourself! Step away from all the distractions for an hour and allow yourself the opportunity to tune into what it needs. In this class we will explore a slow and luxurious practice to give you the best opportunity to tune out the noise and tune into you. 



Are you an athlete? Do you sit for long periods of time? Can't touch your toes? This class will incorporate the use of myofascial release including foam rolling, ball work and deeper stretches to increase flexibity and mobility. This is an excellent option for those looking for a little more self awareness and education within their own bodies.


What the heck is this yoga wheel thing and how do you use it? Is it basically just a back torture device? These are the two questions we get most frequently about this fun new prop. This class will teach you all about the ins and outs of this new prop and how to incorporate it into your practice. Bring your own or borrow one of ours and Let's Roll!



Remember the days as a kid when you would climb in a hammock and just let it envelope you? Remember hanging upside down from the monkey bars and giggling with glee? Aerial yoga is basically the best of both worlds. Join us for our newest form of yoga to find a new connection to your body, strengthen in new ways, and float into deep relaxation. 

*Class sizes are limited to 6 please preregister early to ensure your spot.


Meet your inner child in this fun partner practice! You will learn the principles of alignment which make it possible for virtually everybody to carry somebody else. You will quickly find out poses that look impossible on a picture are very doable, even for beginners. You don’t need experience, or a partner to do AcroYoga. An open mind will do.
*Some yoga experience is desired, but no AcroYoga experience is necessary and beginners are encouraged to attend. No partner necessary.*

Please note: Preregistration is REQUIRED a minimum of 30 mins prior for all classes.

(If no one is preregistered for class class will not run).