Self Love Challenge


12 Weeks to Fall Back In Love With You!

Do you really need that piece of chocolate cake? Are you ready to feel so good in your body?

The short answer HELL YES! The long answer is far more complicated. There are times I look at photos like this and think Shit, I look good! And other times I pick out all the “flaws”. I was raised to see the flaws. I was asked if you eat that how will you look in your leotard or that dress? I remember specifically being reprimanded by a coach during a gymnastics meet. She asked what I had eaten for lunch. Upon telling her I had garlic bread I was lectured about how that was unacceptable since I was in a leotard and it would “show”.

Self LoveChallenge.png

One of my main goals as a teacher is to instill a sense of self love in my students. I’m so excited to be rolling out this AWESOME new program at the studio starting October 1st that’s ALL about self love and self acceptance. We are growing a solid community of accountability partners both in and out of the studio! Come join us for Unlimited mat and aerial classes with weekly themes around self love, body positivity, and body inclusivity.

Grab your spot RIGHT now. Find your confidence again to bring more joy into your life and learn to fall in love with yourself to hit the holidays with passion and gratitude instead of frustration and regret.


  • Our BRAND NEW 84 day self love affirmation ebook

  • Entrance into our private Facebook Group for LIVE meditations every Monday

  • Individualized Ayurveda questionnaire to find your dosha

  • Ayurveda coaching from Tory on what types of foods will nourish your dosha best in THIS season

  • 15% off any studio Workshops