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Whether you are brand new to your yoga practice or are looking to work on a specific skill a custom program can help you be more successful much quicker in your practice.

Are you intimidated to walk into a public yoga class for the first time? Having a bit of foundation knowledge under your belt can make the experience much more enjoyable. 

Each of our teachers has a different specialty, but all are able to help in most areas. Here's a list of just a few specialties:

Amanda Quintanilla - Inversion, Aerial, and Acro Yoga Coaching

Tiffany Denny - Yoga Therapy

Dan Hall - Meditation, Arm Balance Prep

Jenn Holmes - Backbends and Flexibility Training

Brittainy Tidwell - Restorative yoga

Susie Fergus - Yin and Yoga for musicians

Tory Sommerfeldt - Aerial, Pranayama, and Gentle

Want to kick your practice up a notch? Looking to build a solid arm balance or inversion practice? Trying to get your significant other more comfortable with a partner practice? Let's meet on the mat to create a program that moves you toward your goals.


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