Susie Fergus

In the short time that I have been practicing yoga, I have seen and experienced how an ancient practice effectively meets the challenges of a modern world.  I see how yoga can unite a community of strangers to spread compassion.  I’ve seen how yoga can help us connect to our deepest selves, offering compassion, space, ease, and energy in our dark, troubled, stuck places.

The yoga mat, the yoga studio – indeed, the yoga practice itself – should be a safe sanctuary of connection to our bodies, our souls, and to each other and the world.  This connection will bring forth compassion and kindness – a kind of ‘holding space’ – free of judgment or criticism.

In my own journey and practice of yoga, I want to help others love their bodies, honor their souls, and experience connection with themselves and the world.  This connection brings power, and power creates a life worth living. 

When we are connected and powerful, we create a world worth living in, a place where our hearts can be open and we can heal the wounds we have carried for too long.

Yoga Training:

  • Embody Love Movement Facilitator, Fort Worth, TX

  • Dr. Tiffany Denny 200hr Fort Worth, TX