Daniel Hall

Dan Hall Paddle board Yoga

I became interested in yoga as a way to escape the craziness and stress of graduate school life back in 2012. A very close friend inspired me to begin a yoga practice once I saw how much it benefitted her and kept her calm. This was a time when all cards were on the table and I had no clue where in the world I would end up after graduation (spoiler: I ended up in TEXAS). At this time, yoga offered me all that I needed. I could feel the stress and the incoherent babbling of thoughts melting away with each class.

Yoga gave me something that I could feel in control of during a time where I felt I had very little control in my life.

Fast forward to present: I have been teaching regular studio classes every week now since July 2015, and practice at home nearly every day. Over the years, yoga has led me to so many incredible people, places, and more. Then I found out about practicing yoga on a paddle board and there was no keeping me away!

I am definitely a water creature, and feel most relaxed when I am around the water.

I am so excited to take my teaching to the lake, share it with everyone, and have some FUN!!

Yoga Training:

  • 3Tree Yoga RYT-200 Hr - Fort Worth, TX, 2016

  • Just Be Well SUP Yoga 25 Hr Teacher Training - Lake Worth, TX, 2017


have some yoga fun on the water with Dan!