Bobbi Marie Schenck

Yoga has been influencing my body, mind and spirit since I was 16. My journey began when my neighbor and longtime family friend opened the first hot yoga studio in Minnesota. As a competitive soccer player I broke my ankle and over the next 10 years had three reconstructive surgeries. I found yoga to help me with the recovery process, especially with balance. Originally I used yoga as a rehabilitation and fitness regimen. When my professional career took off yoga became my salvation. It has brought balance to my life and I finally feel I have found a place of lightness.

My daily mat practice allows me to find freedom and relaxation.

Because yoga is one of the brightest parts of my daily life, I have been motivated to share with others what I have found. I am dedicated to continuing education & offering the bets yoga class I can.

Yoga Trainings:

  • Baptiste Art of Assisting at Indigo Yoga, 2013
  • Baptiste Level 1 in Hilo, Hawaii in February 2013
  • Indigo Yoga Teacher Training School  200 hour RYT
  • Blooma Level 1 Prenatal Teacher Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November 2013.
  • Baptiste Level 2 training in Sundance, Utah in April 2014
  • Certified Baptiste teacher in Park City, Utah July 2015
  •  SUP yoga Teacher Training through Just Be Well Yoga in Fort Worth, Texas in June 2015.

SUP yoga is the most relaxing thing I have ever done. I grew up on the water and mixing water and yoga was a no brainier.

When I first started paddling 6 years ago Stand Up Paddle Boarding was in the pioneering stages. Little did I know how popular it was going to become. I love teaching paddle board yoga because it allows freedom and fluidity that the solid ground doesn't always allow. In Texas where it is warm almost all year round I am always paddling and yogaing. What better thing to do then flip your dog into the water on a hot Texas day?

I love yoga because it helps me conquer my fears and makes me stronger in facing all that life brings. I have made a conscious effort to smile more when practicing and teaching. I find that it helps to share the lightness and positive energy that the practice brings.  My goal is to help others find the empowerment and lightness that yoga can bring into their lives.

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