Amanda Quintanilla

Just Be Well Yoga Founder

Amanda Quintanilla Just Be Well Yoga owner

I first came to yoga as an injury rehabilitation and flexibility maintenance program. After 18 years of gymnastics I had abused my body in the name of competition.

Within minutes of my first yoga class starting I knew I had found something that had been missing in my life.

I spent the next 6 years practicing several times a week and seeing my body in a new light and more depth.

When my husband joined the Marine Corps and we moved to California I had the opportunity to pursue my passion for yoga and embark on my teaching journey in 2011.

I started it as a way to strengthen my own practice but quickly found my desire to help others reawaken a love for their bodies drove me toward an unexpected career path.

Yoga Trainings:

  • Yoga Works 200hr Costa Mesa, California 2011
  • Paddle Board Bliss SUP yoga 25hr San Diego, California 2013
  • If I Was a Bird Kids Yoga 95hr San Diego, California 2014
  • Stoked Yoga SUP yoga 25hr San Diego, California 2016
  • Alchemy of Flow and Form 300hr San Marcos, Texas 2015-2017
  • AcroVinyasa Acro Yoga 100hr Bali 2016

Being an adventure seeker, I found myself delving into every avenue of yoga I could find. I found SUP yoga in 2013 jumping in with both feet as my first time on a board was my teacher training.

Upon moving to Fort Worth in 2014 I was disappointed to find little opportunity available in the area to practice SUP yoga. This is when Just Be Well Yoga was born. Out of a desire to build a SAFE community of trained instructors and students who were excited to challenge themselves in a new avenue of yoga.

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Susie Fergus

In the short time that I have been practicing yoga, I have seen and experienced how an ancient practice effectively meets the challenges of a modern world.  I see how yoga can unite a community of strangers to spread compassion.  I’ve seen how yoga can help us connect to our deepest selves, offering compassion, space, ease, and energy in our dark, troubled, stuck places.

The yoga mat, the yoga studio – indeed, the yoga practice itself – should be a safe sanctuary of connection to our bodies, our souls, and to each other and the world.  This connection will bring forth compassion and kindness – a kind of ‘holding space’ – free of judgment or criticism.

In my own journey and practice of yoga, I want to help others love their bodies, honor their souls, and experience connection with themselves and the world.  This connection brings power, and power creates a life worth living. 

When we are connected and powerful, we create a world worth living in, a place where our hearts can be open and we can heal the wounds we have carried for too long.

Yoga Training:

  • Embody Love Movement Facilitator, Fort Worth, TX

  • Dr. Tiffany Denny 200hr Fort Worth, TX

Brittainy Tidwell


Before I started teaching yoga I was questioning my ability to have a positive impact on the world around me. I began reflecting on what pieces of my own life had been the most influential in creating positivity- I had a consistent yoga practice in my life and had seen over and over again the transformational power of a yoga practice in the lives of others, so I finally realized that I had the power to share this with the people around me.

Barbara Kingsolver, my favorite author, says in her novel Prodigal Summer, “solitude is a human presumption”. She is discussing ecology at the time, but I like to apply this to all aspects of our lives. In order to grow, heal, and flourish we must build positive communities, and I feel so blessed to be part of the Fort Worth yoga community.

I believe yoga is the perfect tool for fostering thankfulness for your past, learning to love where you are now, and finding inspiration for growth in your future.

It is essential to find ways to love your body and mind, to appreciate everything that they do for you, and to be proud of the life you’ve created. Yoga gives us the space to learn this while at the same time showing you limitless possibilities for growth, acceptance, and love.

When I teach, my goal is to create a space for a balanced practice where creativity and fundamentals, softness and strength, focus and playfulness can coexist. Yoga is an exploration of our body and minds; a joyful dance between the two which teaches us to love and appreciate all that we are and all that we can be.

Join me on your mat with an open mind and a desire to grow and celebrate life through yoga!


  • Dr. Tiffany Denny Teacher Training RYT 200, 2017

  • The Acro Van Workshop, 2016

  • The Science of Calm, 2016

  • Inversion and Arm Balance Workshop, 2017

Tory Christopherson Sommerfeldt

Dallas Area SUP Yoga Director

Tory Christopherson Sommerfeldt Dallas Director

Have you heard the news?! Just Be Well Yoga is opening a second location in Dallas!! We've heard your requests and we are delivering. We will offer intimate class sizes on Lake Ray Hubbard starting July 26th. To get you just a little more excited this week we are introducing our Dallas Area Director Tory Lonn. Start registering for classes in Dallas here.

Artist, biker, and runner summed me up for many years. I began to notice a need to stretch out some of my aches and pains and looked into yoga. Quickly (as many do)

I began to notice that not only did it help my physical body, but the transformation and joy that it brought to my mind was overwhelming.

I began my practice in Chicago and then onto California, where I tried many different variations. Moving to New York my practice only continued to develop and strengthen. Once in Dallas, I found Dallas Yoga Center where I was able to receive my 200 Hour Yoga certification. Shortly after I found and completed Just Be Well Yoga’s 25 Hour SUP Yoga training.

Water has always been a fear of mine. With the start of the New Year I decided to not be held back by fear anymore, but instead to face it head first.

The joy it brings to be set free from the land and onto the water is magical. I am excited to set afloat with not only the sea baby’s, but also the terrified curious creatures and give all the freedom to float and move through the world. 

enjoy the Dallas waterways with Tory!