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Indoor SUP ~ Year Round Yoga!


Take Your SUP Yoga Practice Indoors!

A little history of indoor SUP Yoga in Texas 

Dan Hall 3Tree Yoga Instructor at  The Keller Pointe

Dan Hall 3Tree Yoga Instructor at The Keller Pointe

With the beginning of winter and the reality of cold icy days we long for our beloved lake, late summer nights, and sunset SUP yoga. With fond memories we think of our sun-kissed Savasana on the water. Did you know that it doesn't have to end?

With the advancement in SUP equipment and local fitness centers catching the SUP bug year round opportunities have become available even to those of us who enjoy seasonal climates. This is where Indoor SUP yoga comes in. With shorter more stable boards we have the ability to bring our love of SUP yoga, Pilates, and HIIT indoors by connecting boards to lane lines.

Classes are more time efficient because there is no longer a distance paddle at the beginning of class. This means more time for yoga! It also means there's no last minute cancellations for weather, flooding, or other environmental factors. In many instances it allows the option for convenient practice right in the facilities you are already visiting for all of your other fitness needs.

With more consistent classes also comes comfort and the ability to see the progression in your practice. There is the ability to increase strength in all those crucial stabilizer muscles and watch your studio practice benefit as well.

Tips for Getting the Most from Indoor SUP Yoga:

  • Look for a fitness center that provides classes from certified instructors.
  • Come prepared to get wet with dry fit yoga gear or a swim suit.
  • Let go of expectations and enjoy the process.
  • Enjoy your summer fun ALL year round!

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