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Snap Kitchen...Is it worth it?

snap kitchen fort worth

Hey friends! I had the opportunity recently to try our local Snap Kitchen here in Fort Worth. We get A LOT of questions about nutrition and how to best support a yoga practice and general exercise and movement based practice. Although I am NOT a nutritionist or dietitian I know the basics. Eat clean, fresh foods! (Yes it's really that simple) However that's not always as easy as it sounds.

If you're anything like me there's a million things needing your attention at any given time. Trying to keep up AND do all the things you want and NEED to do in a day is overwhelming and can cause poor nutrition choices. Whether it's time or using food as a coping mechanism either way our stress level directly effects our nutrition choices. Enter my experience with meal prep!

As a family we have done weekly meal prepping for about 4 years now. My husband grills our lunches on Sundays and we prepare breakfast for the week. It's as simple as pulling a container out of the fridge and be on the way...until it's not. With traditional meal prep there's planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and reheating involved. If one of these doesn't get done the whole thing falls apart. 

snap kitchen and just be well yoga

When I was given the opportunity to review a week of meals with Snap Kitchen I was ALL IN! I have eaten at Snap in the past for individual meals and had enjoyed everything I tried. The idea of having them prepare the whole week though was to good to be true. 

First off they have a user friendly app that makes things super simple. Simply choose the calorie count you're looking to maintain and meal style. I chose Low Carb and 1500 calories. I am the type of person that forgets to eat so hitting even 1k calories is a HUGE deal for me. The meal plans come in a 3 day, 5 day, or day option and you can choose just one meal a day or up to 3 meals and 2 snacks AND cold pressed juice. I went with 3 meals and an evening snack all of which could be customized if there was something I didn't particularly like or something new I wanted to try.

After choosing my calorie count and meal types I simply chose a pickup date and time. That's it! I showed up at that time and everything was perfectly packed in the cooler. After arriving home, I unpacked expecting to have to piece everything together. NOPE! They had a simple day by day breakdown what to eat. PLUS each mean had nutrition information, reheating information, and calorie breakdown. It was completely fool proof! 

snap kitchen and just be well yoga

Let's be honest though what you really want to know was how did it taste and was it worth it?! Here are my 3 take aways:

1. Everything I had was soo good! I will say I edited it prior to make sure they were foods I would typically eat, but I did try new things. I found everything to be flavorful and filling. Even though the meals seem small they are well balanced to keep you on track!

2. It is WORTH IT!! I loved not only the taste, but the convenience is so worth it. 

3. I will say for our family and budget I don't know that we could use this to replace our ENTIRE grocery shopping and meal planning. Although there are several meals my kids would eat I know that it wouldn't last long. I could see where I could do this just myself because let's face it I hate cooking. 

Even more exciting is Snap Kitchen has extended a discount to our students and friends for their meal plans! Use code SNP-2482 at checkout. 

Have you tried Snap Kitchen? What's your favorite meal?

Rosemary Shortbread

We are always looking for healthier dessert alternatives. With two littles they simply expect dessert, and we want something light, but delicious! These 4 ingredient cookies were just that and easy enough for the littles to make by themselves (with supervision). 



  • 1/3c coconut sugar
  • 1c Buckwheat Flower
  • 2tsp fresh Rosemary  
  • 1 stick Salted butter  

Preheat oven to 325. Cut butter and place all ingredients in a food processor. 


Blend until combined. 


Don't over mix you want it to be crumbly!  


Press firmly into 8" square or 9" pie pan. 

Bake for 30 minutes or until edges are golden brown let cool for 5 minutes.


Cut and pack in a lunch to take to the beach for a lovely summer picnic!